Gate Valves

Manual Actuated and Hydraulic Actuated

Gate Valves – Manual / ROV

Our Gate Valve range has been developed using many years of expertise, to give a robust, high-integrity solution. Using Tungsten Carbide coated Gates and Seats as standard, this valve offers a robust solution to your process needs, particularly where repeatable tight shut-off is required. Available in sizes from 1/2” up to 16”, and pressures up to 15,000psi.

Product Features

  • Spring energised seats
  • Dual Stem seal arrangement
  • Anti-blow-out Stem
  • Suitable for manual, ROV or actuator operation
  • Rising Stem design

Design Benefits

  • Bi-directional sealing
  • Compact design
  • No lubrication or maintenance required
  • Easily configured to suit various end connections
  • Rate A (zero) leakage as standard
  • Modular approach allows manual / ROV top-works to be replaced with actuator if required.

Gate Valves – Hydraulic

Pacson’s hydraulic gate valve is available in sizes from 1/2” to 12” in all materials and pressures up to 15,000psi.
Onshore & offshore (topside) variations are available.

Product Features

  • Hard faced metal to metal sealing
  • Bolted bonnet
  • Solid slab
  • Double barrier PTFE stem seals c/w metal backseat
  • Spring energised seats
  • FSC/FSO/FAI linear actuators
  • Non spring compressing rotary ROV override
  • Metal to metal static body seals
  • Fully compensated
  • Direct mechanical position indication
  • API 17D Qualification Status

Design Benefits

  • 1” Hydraulic gate valve is API 17D 2nd edition qualified to 15,000psi, coil spring design
  • ½” Hydraulic gate valve 15,000psi variant API 17D 2ndEdition qualification testing planned in 2018

Gate Valves – Double Barrier

The Through Conduit Solid slab gate alternative to a Double Expanding Gate Valve.
Bi-Directional Triple Barrier Sealing

Product Features

  • Twin Metal Seats as standard: Spring energised inner seat, fixed outer seat
  • Double Block and bleed as standard
  • Double Isolation and Bleed as standard (upstream + downstream)
  • Tertiary downstream isolation
  • Integrity of Double Isolation verifiable in service by pressurisation of valve cavity
  • Suitable for manual, ROV or actuator operation
  • Rising Stem design with backseat
  • Die Stamped Forged Option
  • Seat pocket, seals or all wetted area overlay options

Design Benefits

  • High Integrity Rate A sealing capability at each isolation/block
  • Sealing performance unaffected by solids
  • Upstream isolation/block performance independent of stem loading
  • Predictable, repeatable thrust in operation unaffected by thermal wedging or trapped solids
  • Guaranteed alignment of through bore when open

Gate Valves – Surface

Pacson’s API6A topside wellhead gate valve
1-13/16” through 5-1/8” API 5000 & 10000
Simple robust non-elastomeric metal seated design

Product Features

  • Die Stamped Forged body as standard
  • Metal Seated as standard
  • Suitable for Handwheel or actuator operation using Pacson’s compact linear actuator (fail close, open or stay put)
  • Rising Stem design with backseat (linear actuator)
  • Non-rising stem with backseat (handwheel)
  • Electric actuation options.
  • Seat pocket, seals or all wetted area overlay options
  • Dual Stem seal arrangement with facility to inject emergency sealant

Design Benefits

  • Simple Construction and minimised machining enables Pacson to provide competitive pricing for a valve of this performance
  • Reduced weight plus envelope dimensions

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