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Pacson Valves have extensive experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Pacson is a market leader in the use of the latest design tools. Building on tried and tested industry design codes, we utilise the latest 3D solid modelling, finite element software and CAD 2D drafting packages with unique parametric design methods, to ensure designs are produced efficiently, effectively and accurately while minimising overall product lead-times.

These tools are not only used internally but enable effective two-way design review with our clients at key stages in the design process. Our customers are encouraged to take part in the design process for particularly complex projects.

An ongoing programme of research and development along with our designs validated by extensive performance testing programmes, covering extremes of temperature, pressure, endurance and process fluids, means you can be confident in the performance of our products.

In addition to using the latest design tools, Pacson also look to positively influence the industry with our depth of technical knowledge. This can be seen in the most recent revision of DNV RP-F112 (2018), where Pacson were one of the contributors to this Joint Industry Project (JIP) with DNV.

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